Many adults over 60 are fit and agile and live vigorous, mentally alert and healthy lives. As well-being and good looks are important to them, so is an attractive smile. So here we provide valuable information about healthy teeth for adults over 60 years. Because nobody is too old for strong teeth, a firm bite, and a lovely smile.

Firstly, you can preserve your own healthy teeth into old age by good preventive and prophylactic practices. However, should your own teeth be lost, these days your quality of life need not to suffer as there are many options for good, aesthetically pleasing dentures.

For that great smile and healthy teeth in adults over 60 any gaps have to be closed

Missing teeth should be replaced because tooth gaps can have serious consequences. Teeth alongside the gap may start ‘migrating’ into the gap or even start leaning over. This may affect your bite, which could in turn impair the function of your temporomandibular joints. This can make eating and speaking difficult, and vicious circle, that could have far-reaching physical effects, may be triggered.

It may even cause malnutrition as people avoid certain foods because they find difficult to chew. This can, of course lead to deficiency diseases. Not having an attractive smile with healthy teeth and finding speech problematic, could also affect their sense of well-being and trigger psychological problems.

Patients with gaps in their teeth should therefore consult their dentist as soon as possible. Fixed bridge, removable dentures or dental implants are just some of the options available to patients these days. New dentures can be created depending on the patient’s individual requirements and financial resources.

A toothless jaw no longer presents an insurmountable problem

The times when dentures wobbled loosely in Grandma’s mouth, or Grandpa couldn’t eat lovely crispy bread with his artificial teeth are no more, nor will dentures be sitting in the water glass next to the bed! Thanks to modern dental technologies and high quality materials these days, it is possible to create highly aesthetic, functional and durable dentures, thus ensuring an attractive smile, a firm bite and clearly legible speech.

That’s why dentists and dental technicians can say that they don’t make ‘artificial teeth’. Instead, they can justly claim that they create natural-looking teeth that feel just like real teeth in the mouth – strong teeth that are beautiful and healthy, fit firmly in the patient’s mouth and therefore contribute to the patient’s positive attitude towards life.

Even if the patient’s jaw is toothless, it is possible to live an unrestricted life with these well-made dentures that successfully replace their natural teeth. These dentures have been tried and tested for decades. When indicated, for instance by the patient having a sufficiently healthy jawbone, these high-quality dentures sit firmly and securely in the mouth.

Always adhere to a good and regular oral hygiene regime at home, and visit your dentist’s office regularly!

Dental implants are an innovative dentistry procedure that is also available to most of the patients these days. Small titanium screws are implanted in the toothless alveolar ridge and form an anchor for new dentures so that the dental technician can create a perfect imitation of natural strong teeth in adults over 60. In fact, thanks to modern materials and advanced dentistry techniques, individual dental prostheses will hardly differ from the patient’s original natural teeth.

Oral health is essential as you move towards and into old age

Whether you have your natural teeth or dentures, good oral and dental care is essential for a healthy mouth and teeth. So always adhere to a good and regular oral hygiene regime at home, and visit your dentist’s office regularly.

This way you will ensure that you have a firm bite and your beautiful smile continues into old age.

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