Easy tips for looking after your dentures

Dentures do not get tooth decay or caries. So why does the prosthesis still have to be cleaned and properly cared for? The answer is simple – to maintain your oral health. Danger lurks in the bacterial coating or biofilm which forms on teeth and which will also be deposited on the prosthesis. If this is not removed regularly, bad breath, gum disease, inflammation or bone loss are just some of the unpleasant consequences that can occur, so dentures need to be cared for well. So cleaning your dentures and adopting a daily routine is essential.

It is important to take good care of your dentures so they stay fresh and comfortable. We suggest the following simple tips for effectively cleaning your dentures.

Five easy tips for cleaning your dentures and mouth every day

Follow these 5 easy tips for keeping your dentures clean and your gums healthy:

  1. Brush your denture(s) after every meal

    Preferably brush your denture(s) after every meal, but at least once a day. Take the prosthesis out of your mouth and clean it under running water with a special denture brush. And we also suggest that you put a towel in the sink – should the prosthesis slip out of your hand while you’re cleaning it, it will have a soft landing!

  2. Use clean water

    Use clean water and, if necessary, a mild washing-up liquid to clean your dentures.

  3. Do not use hot water for cleaning

    Make sure that the water is not too hot, as very hot water might cause the prothesis to become deformed.

  4. Use a toothpaste specialised for dentures

    Don’t use conventional toothpaste with abrasive ingredients to clean the denture as this can cause scratch marks. The same applies to household cleaners or vinegar; they are not suitable for cleaning your denture.

  5. Clean your gums with toothpaste

    Also clean and massage your gums with a soft brush and using conventional toothpaste, and don’t forget to also clean your tongue with a tongue scraper.

Finally, make sure that you consult your dentist at regular intervals. During this check-up, the prosthesis, its fit and functionality will be checked. If you wish, they will also clean your denture for you professionally.

Products to consider for cleaning your dentures